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July 2016 Stats

Even as prices rise in many communities, homes are selling faster now than they have in the past several years. This creates a situation where buyers need to move fast in order to secure homes, and they may have to pay more for them. While increasing prices generally coax more selling activity, there has been some hesitancy among potential sellers who worry that they will not be able to buy a desirable and reasonably priced home once they sell.

New Listings were down 7.2 percent to 335. Pending Sales decreased 10.8 percent to 149. Inventory shrank 18.6 percent to 1,748 units. Prices moved higher as the Median Sales Price was up 8.5 percent to $210,000. Days on Market decreased 20.0 percent to 128 days. Months Supply of Inventory was down 23.3

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3848 route 212 lake hill ny


Just a scant few years ago, this Victorian near Woodstock was just a dilapidated old house with boarded up windows and an overgrown front yard. And here it is, thanks to the internet magic of Google Streetview!

3848 route 212 lake hill ny8


My, my, how it has changed. In additional to an exterior gussying up, the interior looks fresh and un-lived-in with a full attic that’s been transformed into a light-filled loft perfectly suited for an art/yoga/music studio. Even more desirable than the property’s renovation, however, is its location on Cooper Lake. The small reservoir is on Route 212 just outside of Woodstock, and while there are a handful of homes encircling it, we get the distinct feeling those homeowners aren’t going anywhere. And we can’t blame them. It’s a

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I'm often asked what the difference between these 3 types of homes are and below is a short summary.  The values between these types of home vary widely as does their functionality.  

Mobile homes - The term Mobile Home is often used interchangeably with the term Manufactured Home but in fact they mean quite different things. "Mobile Home" refers to homes built PRIOR to 1976 when the HUD code governing building standards for factory-built homes was instituted, greatly improving quality standards.

Manufactured homes - Homes built AFTER 1976 should, technically, no longer be referred to as Mobile Homes but instead are Manufactured Homes and are built to a higher standard of quality than yesterday's "Mobile Homes".

Manufactured Homes are built

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Kingston Rondout Harbor

I can appreciate Ms. Botton's sentiments, but life is dynamic. Kingston offers former Manhattanites/Brooklyites, like myself, that perfect mix of the NYC we loved but slowed down. I enjoy running through the Rondout and saying hello to my neighbors, dining on local cuisine and being a stone's throw from everything.

Kingston will experience a renaissance, and I hope to have a hand in it. However, it will not be the kind of massive gentrification that NYC has experienced, and continues to experience.

Kingston is the perfect "borough" that's just a little north of its larger siblings.

Welcome to Kingston, Now Leave

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