Maria Gianas, Real Estate Salesperson

I go between Park Slope Brooklyn and Big Indian, New York. I have a design background and specialize in finding special properties in the Catskills for second home buyers! I love first time buyers as I rented for years in Manhattan and bought my first home in the Catskills.

I love design (think Dwell) and I can find great properties that rival high end design anywhere. I also handle project management if you find something that needs work and you're not here full time.


* I'm not someone who writes online testimonials but I am someone who believes credit should be given where credit is due. In my case, as a single, first time home buyer who lives in Manhattan with a dream to own a weekend home in the Catskills, Maria Gianas far exceeded my expectations of a real estate agent. She is the reason I found the beautiful cabin on a few acres of land I now own.

I had been looking online everyday at homes for sale for almost a year. I visited the Catskills often and was familiar with certain parts but had so much more to learn about the region. From the moment I was recommended to reach out to Maria, she took me under her wing and guided me through the entire home buying process. This was a major relief as I was doing it all on my own for the very first time, all while working 6 days a week in NYC. My schedule is very inflexible and yet Maria found a way to keep in contact with me, hearing my specific needs and teaching me about this exciting but often scary life changing step I was about to take. It was all foreign to me, but Maria embraced all my questions. She explained the process, she gave me confidence and empowered me to make decisions based on my needs. Never once did I feel pressured to consider an option that wasn't right for me. She thought outside of the box I had put myself in and showed me homes a bit past where I had originally considered. She became my constant during the entire process, ultimately finding the perfect cabin for me. She remained solid throughout the months it took to complete the entire mortgage and home buying process and if it wasn't for Maria Gianas I know I would not have the incredible home I own today. - Amy T., Manhattan

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